Living As The Lamb

Living As The Lamb

“…He was led as a sheep to the slaughter, and as a Lamb dumb before his shearer…” Isaiah 53:7

Isaiah’s prophecy of our Lord Jesus was not just metaphoric when he said, ‘’…He was led as a Lamb before His shearer…” Jesus, our Lord, is indeed the Lamb of God, who has taken away our sin. Oh, how great and marvelous this simple statement is to a sanctified heart, that would in retrospect look upon his life, how wretched and filthy he was, and how true the experience of holiness is upon his life, such soul would agree that He is the Lamb indeed that has taken away our sins.

We are not merely meant to accept he is the Lamb of God, but to also live as the Lamb who washed away our sins. Some enthralling attributes of the Lamb include being obedient, harmless, submissiveness, meekness, patience and so on. These and more are indeed the attributes of our Lord, but we must examine ourselves from the prism of these attributes, do we have the nature of the lamb?

 Are we obedient to all his commands regardless of the pains it may cost, are we submissive to the godly leaders that labour indeed in the Word, are we patient in suffering and give loyalty more to the Master or do we grouse when little challenges arise, I don’t know of a lamb with bitterness hidden within, if your life does not show the nature of the Lamb, you will need the Master to work on you through deeper consecration.

Let your light shine, let it reflect the nature of the one who bought you from death, let it glorify your father in heaven, live like the Lamb of God, for we are the sheep of His pastures.

Author: Bro O. W. Ahmed

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