Living Above Life Circumstances

Living Above Life Circumstances

“Who shall separate us from the love of Christ? Shall tribulation, or distress, or persecution, or famine, or nakedness, or peril or sword?” Romans 8:35

Nothing teaches as experience does. Paul in his experience as a disciple of the Lord Jesus Christ understood first-hand what it is like to be beaten many strokes for the great course, to be hungered, in peril and in distress. But he was an example of one who lived above extant distressing circumstances. Either in joy or sadness, wellness or sickness, in abundance or in lack, he learnt how to live above life circumstances to the point where it doesn’t matter what exacting issues were sustained, he lived to see that the Lord Jesus was pleased, at all times.

Today, many believers will go one and a hundred mile to serve the Lord when things go their way, but swiftly seek regress as soon as things get difficult for them. But we must learn that if there is morning, there is sure to be night, also, we should know night comes before the dawn; believers are not to stay true to faith only when the sky is blue, but also when the night falls- in dark times, God expects absolute loyalty and devotion in our varying scenes of life. We must learn to live in close communion with Jesus not only when good attends our path, but much more closely we ought to stay with Jesus even in times when dark seems our path to be.

God seeks not fickle believers who exchange devotion for bounty from the Lord, but indeed, the Lord as ever before, is in search of those willing to live above varying life scenes in devotion to Him, in loyalty and in complete trust that the God of the good times, is still the God of the bad times!

Author – Bro.  Ahmed O. W.

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