Life-Transforming Influence Of The Spirit’s Baptism

Life-Transforming Influence Of The Spirit’s Baptism

1 Samuel 10:9-10; 11:4-6, 11; Acts 1:8; 2:1-4, 38-41.

The focus is on two Bible characters namely King Saul in his early days and Peter. They lived in different eras and had different background stories leading up to the encounter which transformed their lives and ministry.

Saul, on the one hand, was a nobody in the land of Israel but God sought him out and chose him in his father’s house. He was to become the first king of Israel, a position he knew nothing about. In fact, after being anointed as king, he went back to doing his usual activity- 1 Samuel 11:5a. But a challenging circumstance became the catalyst for the manifestation of the Spirit’s power upon His life. He rose from being a son sent to look after lost asses to lead the armies of Israel to battle against a fierce enemy. This didn’t take long years of practice, planning, and execution. The moment the Spirit of God rested upon him, he received all the needed help in mind, body, and spirit to become a champion among the people.

Peter, together with the other apostles also had a life-transforming encounter when they received the Holy Ghost at Pentecost. Formerly people who were timid, fearful, and powerless, soon became bold, fiery, and paradigm shifters after this encounter.

Looking closely at these Bible characters, it is imperative to find out their heart preparation for receiving the Holy Spirit:

Saul stood out among his family and the crowd1 Samuel 10:23. There is a need to stand out in holiness, righteousness, and service to God. Peter also had to stand out and have a peculiar calling unto God- John 21:17, 19.

Persistent prayers and fellowship– 1 Samuel 9:19, 25-27; Acts 1:14; 2:1. Divine-human partnership is enhanced and profitable most in the place of consistent prayer and fellowship.

Lifetime commitment and consecration1 Samuel 10:9; Mark 10:28. A total consecration of our heart will generate an outward disposition of love and trust in God and the things of His.

Humble disposition: 1 Samuel 10:21, 22; 15:17; Matthew 26:75. We must assume an evident humble disposition and surrenderness before God to become partakers of His divine nature (the Holy Ghost). We must be devoid of spiritual arrogance and realize our need for God- Matthew 5:3.

Readiness to serve: 1 Samuel 9:3, 4 -Burning desire for God: Psalm 42:1, 2; Isaiah 44

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