Lessons from the wise virgins :They went forth

Lessons from the wise virgins :They went forth

Text: 2 Cor. 6:17,  Matthew 7:13-14

After taking their lamps the ten virgins went forth, they made extra effort to move forward and left the crowd behind. They separated themselves from the crowd. In 2 Cor.6:17, God warns us that before we can be acceptable to Him, we must be separate and not touch the unclean things. Unclean things are anything that has its origin in sin. Have you left the crowd behind? Do you ask God specifically how He wants you to live or do you assume that whatever is acceptable to others is acceptable to God?

PLAN: Build a personal relationship with God and grow the relationship through bible study, prayer and obedience to God’s word.     

Author : Karina Michael-Oyelade

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