Jesus-The Good Shepherd (Children’s Devotional)

WEEK’S TOPIC: Jesus The Great Shepherd

WEEK’S MV: The LORD is my shepherd; I shall not want. Psalm 23:1

 Jesus – The Good Shepherd                                               

TEXT:   John 10:10-15,                                                                                                       

Who is a shepherd? A shepherd is a person who takes care of sheep, or a person who guides a group of people somewhere, making sure that they get there and that they are safe there. Jesus described Himself as the good Shepherd that gives His life for the sheep. He is not like the thief who comes to steal, kill and destroy; He comes to give eternal life and all the good things that make physical life satisfying.

He is not like the hireling who runs when wolves come to hurt the sheep. He stays to defend the sheep. The good Shepherd does not scatter the sheep, but gathers them and makes them live in peace without fear and without lack. Do you want to live to the fullest, stay safe from danger, and enjoy peace all your life? Then Jesus, the Good Shepherd, is just who you need.

And as Good Shepherd, He knows the place where the green pasture is always, Jesus will gently lead you to the place where you will never be hurt or endangered. Jesus is always seeking children to lead but he wants them to surrender to Him so He can guide them forever.

Declare: The Lord is my Shepherd. He takes care of me and He supplies all my needs. He guides me in all my ways and keeps me safe from harm. Hallelujah!

Author: Karina Michael – Oyelade

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