Jesus – Most Loving Friend Ever (Children’s Devotional)

JESUS – MOST LOVING FRIEND EVER                   

TEXT: John 4:6-29                                                                              

Jesus was a Jew by birth, and it was forbidden for Jews to speak with Samaritans. Yet Jesus decided He would go to Samaria to spend time speaking with a particular Samaritan woman. He waited for her by the well where she fetched water regularly. She seemed to be in serious need of true love, because she had married and divorced five good times, and instead of marrying again the sixth time, she decided she would just live with the sixth man.

When she came by and He started talking with her, she realized she had never met a man like him before, He had touched her heart with His love – He knew that she was Samaritan and she was living in sin with a man that wasn’t her husband, yet it didn’t keep Him away from her. Instead, He showed her that He loved her and that she mattered to Him. With great joy in her heart, she left her water pot and ran into the city to tell the men about her new found friend – Jesus- the most Loving Friend ever!

Declare: Thank You, Father, for loving me unconditionally and manifesting that love through Jesus. I will tell others about this amazing love.

Author: Karina Michael-Oyelade

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