Jesus- Attentive, Listening Friend (Children’s Devotional)

JESUS – Attentive, Listening Friend                  

TEXT: Mark 10:46-52

Have you ever found yourself in the midst of people who think you are unimportant and have nothing of value to say? Do you like to have a friend that would spend time listening to what you have to say even when it sounds foolish to others? Have you been given an additional name that is not part of the names your parents gave you, just because you have a condition of sickness or a disability? Do you want a friend who would listen when others don’t care, and who calls you special even when others see you as a misfit?

Then Jesus is the friend you must be looking for! In the midst of all the noise and rowdiness, Jesus was listening for the call of someone who desperately wanted His attention, no wonder when He heard Bartimaeus’ call, He stood still. And when Bartimaeus was called, He asked him what he wanted and allowed him to speak. He didn’t just listen, He solved his problem. So what have you been wanting to speak out about? Jesus is listening and will solve it. Tell Him all about it today.

PRAY: Thank You, Jesus, for always listening to me. I have the assurance that You always hear me and answer all my prayers.

Author: Karina Michael-Oyelade

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