Jesus Amidst Of The Storm

Jesus Amidst Of The Storm

“And suddenly a violent storm arose on the sea, so that the boat was being covered by the waves; but Jesus was sleeping” Matt 8:24

As men, we are often apt to think when God permit us to go through some crucible, it is because He is not happy with us, or a sign He has left us. On the rather, no! Are you kidding, he made the best of his disciples go through peril and would you think yours would be different? You will also get to your stormy moment, and that is not a sign He is not there with you, infact, it could be a sign He is very near and expect you call upon Him, for He is the God over the storm, and He will hush your storm.

The disciples on this fateful day just rounded off some healing crusade, starting from Peter’s mother-in-law to many others, and a large crowd have now gathered to him, just then, he requested that His disciples should start a journey to the other side of the sea. Apparently, they were all in an excellent relationship with one-another until amidst the sea the unexpected happened, a fiery storm arose. Little by little the waters threatened them, until the waves, thunders and storm added their onslaught. The last time they checked, their Lord and Master boarded this same boat with them. Not too long, there was almost enough waters in the boat to get it sunk!

These men were in some moment ago cock sure of their safety as the One who walks on the sea was in the boat with them; the least they ever expected as a threat has now freaked them out. A fierce storm arose, and they were greatly troubled and sweating. Have you been so close to the Lord yet not so long a moment after a sweet fellowship that a storm arose? Have you been lost in thanksgiving and seen His mighty Hand yet in a moment a fiery trial attended your path? Be not dismayed, the Lord is in the midst of your storm!

Thank God the disciples didn’t long give in to the extant reality, when they got to their wits end, they cried on the Lord and relayed their peril- “Lord, save us, we are perishing!” Do not wait that long while amidst your storm the Master sleeps, do not linger much until on the Lord of the storm you call. Don’t be afraid any longer amidst your peril and troubles, for the Lord of the storm dwells in your boat. Just call on him in a childlike faith and see Him rebuke the storm that troubles you.

Lord, save me. I am going down! (MSG)

Ahmed O. W.

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