Jesus-A Friend To The Rejected (Children’s Devotional)

Jesus- A Friend To The Rejected                   

TEXT: Lev 13:45-46, Mark1:40-44                                                                                                           

In Bible times, when leprosy was found on a person’s skin, his clothes were torn, his head shaved, and he is sent out of the city or town to live alone, away from his family, away from his friends, and relatives. This is because leprosy can be transferred through contact with a leper.

But in our second text, Jesus did not just speak a word to heal him, but He, first of all, touched him before He healed him. He knew touching a leper was something that no one would want to do – not even the leper’s wife, but Jesus touched Him. No matter what has made people reject you, Jesus loves you, He wants to touch your life and make everything totally new.

Are you rejected by friends and family, do you have challenges that you cannot share with anyone, are you afraid of the future, do you think you are not loved by anyone? With all these thought there remains a friend that loves you much more than you could ever imagine and that is Jesus.  

Declare: Thank You, Jesus, for finding me worthy of Your friendship and for the assurance that You will never abandon me. I will no longer feel rejected, no matter who turns their back on me.

Author : Karina Michael-Oyelade

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