Jesus – A Forgiving Friend (Children’s Devotional)

Jesus – A Forgiving Friend                               

 TEXT: Luke 22: 31-34, 54-60                                                                   

 Peter believed he loved Jesus and would never deny Him. He said he was even ready to go with Jesus to prison and die with Him. He didn’t think of any situation or problem happening that could ever make him deny Jesus. But that same day, before daybreak (the time cocks crowed), he had already denied Jesus three times, probably because he was afraid of being arrested.

Immediately after he denied Jesus the third time, the cock crowed, and he suddenly remembered what Jesus said. He felt very sad and was sorry for his action. Jesus did not stop loving Peter because He betrayed Him; rather, He still showed Peter love, advised and even prayed for him. This shows us that Jesus forgave Peter from His heart even before he sinned against Jesus. What a forgiving friend Jesus is!

Pray: Thank You, Jesus, for Your gift of forgiveness. I refuse to be bound by guilt and condemnation, because I know you have forgiving me all my wrongs.

Author: Karina Michael-Oyelade

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