Insufficiency of man

Insufficiency of man

“…he touched the hollow of his thigh; and the hollow of Jacob’s thigh was out of joint, as he wrestled with him.”  (Gen. 32:25)

God in sundry times, and in divers manners often ‘disjoint’ the thigh of many of his children, to make them limp. The thigh representing their strength and their limping showing their insufficiency. God will never make use of a man whose human strength and intellect is the source of his service to God. I have not seen a man grandly used of God depending on his own strength, God often shatter every trace of human strength until they come to the point acknowledging that, ‘Now, I don’t think I can do anything again’, then, God begins His Sovereign purpose.

Jacob’s thigh was disjointed, not until then was his named changed to Israel and from his loins came the twelve tribes of Israel, Paul had a thorn in his flesh- the messenger of Satan, to buffet him, Abraham had to wait for the appointed time of the true heir of God’s promises, the path revealing our insufficiency are always designed uniquely for each believer, but all always point to the fact that, we are never enough by ourselves!

God sometimes may permit that you are overwhelmed by great challenges to the point of breaking, it won’t break you, rather, it is meant to make you fit for the Master’s use, until the last sufficiency is rooted out and you, like Jacob, see yourself weak and helpless, the pruning continues. The great Regulator, who often takes us through the storms and fire, is perfect , and when all your sufficiency is taken off, will be able to clothe you in such that He intends for His glory for you.

Do not think the process will break you, the earlier you submit, the better it is for you. Let God take off every human glory inherent in self, and let the work of pruning be completed through submission and perfect humility before his throne, for in you dwells no sufficiency.

Ahmed, O. W.

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