Indispensable Virtue Of Wisdom For Greatness

Indispensable Virtue Of Wisdom For Greatness

Proverbs 4:7-9.

Wisdom is a requisite virtue for the proper appropriation of God’s grace. We need to pursue divine wisdom for the actualization of God’s purpose over our lives. The reason why many Christians fail or remain destitute may largely be traced to the fact that they are bereft of the right application of all the boundless knowledge and graceful treasures committed into their lives. They waste away in avoidable penury and spiritual wretchedness because they keep labouring hard and long without recourse to the way of wisdom Ecclesiastes 10:15.

Wisdom is gaining an insight into the reason, manner, timing and the pattern of how things are or how they are meant to be. It is embedded in all of the actions of God and Christ exemplified it during His earthly ministry- Luke 2:52; Isaiah 11:1,2. Therefore, by extension, we are called to be sons and daughters of wisdom- Colossians 2:2,3.

God is the originator and giver of wisdom. He has given to us an open invitation to ask His benevolence for this indispensable virtue- James 1:5. When we become a carrier of God’s divine wisdom, there’s a lot we would be able to accomplish for God, for ourselves and for our generation- Genesis 41:39-41; Acts 7:10.

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