Don’t fail God this Year

In Luke 3: 1-14, we read about the account of John the Baptist, how it was prophesied by Isaiah that he would be a forerunner of Jesus Christ, but what would have happened if John had failed? Have you ever considered what would be the disposition of God if you fail in following Him or fail to heed His call?  If John had failed in His purpose as a forerunner several possibilities would have occurred, in all these John and several generations would have been the looser and not God. This reiterates the fact that humanity is the loser anytime he fails to obey or heed the direction of God. 
If John had failed, God may look around for a replacement who will be Jesus’s forerunner. If John had failed, it may have altered the timing of the showing forth of Christ at thirty years of age. If John had failed it means all the effort of God on him is vain and God have several alternatives, it was John, being human that had few if any at all.
Today every one of us is a John, with intent and purpose of creation, there is a Jesus that may never show forth if we don’t start to follow God’s plan for our life. John lived a life of solitude not so much admired by men of his days, but he was the greatest among the prophets. Therefore, don’t look at what men may say, your purpose was not designed to please men but to please God and impact men.
Don’t fail God, what is that calling that heaven has been placing on your life, what is that obedience that God is waiting for you to heed? Know that several other men are depending on the fruit of your obedience, just the same way a whole generation was depending on the obedience of John, do you want to starve them or ask God to raise another man? God is waiting and depending on you today!
The Author Seun Oloruntoba Is one of the Co-ordinators of God Seekers Renewal Centre based in Lagos Nigeria 

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