Help From Above

Help From Above

 Psalm 121:1,2; Isaiah 41:13,14; 2 Kings 6:27.

Divine or supernatural help is a much-needed assistance for every believer to be able to scale through the situations of life. The challenges of life may sometimes look daunting and insurmountable by every human means, and whenever it seems we have come to our wit’s end, let us look to God for help. He is an able ally, able to deliver from every circumstance and calm every storm in our lives.

More assuredly, David in Psalm 121 depicts a life that consistently looks up to God for help, fully trusting in His everlasting arm as our daily anchor rather than waiting till when trouble comes.

We must come within the full scope of God’s graceful help that covers our daily activities regardless of their simplicity or difficulty, always bearing in mind that “by (human) strength (alone) shall no man prevail (over the circumstances of life)”.

There’s an aspect that many Christians do not understand about divine help. You have a role to play, don’t think you can just say a line of prayer or read a Psalm and help will magically appear.

There’s the part of being a bonafide son/daughter of the kingdom through a definite blood-washing experience and a progressive yieldedness to God. There’s also the part of graceful prayer offered in sincerity and submission to the will of God.

In conclusion, help from above can come in various forms: we receive help through the grace of God bestowed for our daily living, we receive help for healing in sicknesses and deliverance from the battles of life, and also, help in direction and re-direction when we miss our way, etc.

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