Heat in the Homes

Homes should be a place of refuge where lives are to be nurtured and a place where we can run to from the heat of the outside world. But for Isaac, his home became so heated up that his son Jacob had to run away from home.

Isaac and Rebekah could not make their home a place of refuge for the destinies of their children to be preserved. Rebekah pitched her tent by choosing Jacob over Esau and encouraged him to be deceptive.

The heat in the home made Jacob to run.

Dear parents, don’t create heat in the home by your constant disagreement, favouritism or lukewarmess in the things of God because you will end up making your home too hot for the godly seeds (children) which God is raising in your marriage, and these seeds will run out from the heat which you have created in your home into wrong hands in the world for safety. Alas! Jacob ran from home.

Isaac and Rebekah could not make their home a place of refuge for the destinies of their children to be preserved.

Even when the Lord was trying to get his attention at Bethel, he went his own way and still ran to the hand of a wolf in “sheep’s clothing”: Laban.

Oh Laban! He first appeared to be a friend, a close relative, his mother’s brother, he gave Jacob a soft landing from his running, he welcomed him with a cold drink but it was only for him to take advantage of the presence of God upon his life.

He played a trick to keep Jacob under him and made him serve him for twenty years just because he saw the glory of God upon his life; he saw his business thrived when Jacob came into his business. He was not ready to let go of such great a blessing.

So also in the church of today, we now have men who are wolves in sheep’s clothing appearing to receive us from the heat of our home. They appear with an outstretched arm to receive us as though they associate with the domestic problems in our homes. They come as friends, they come as disciplers with fake love but only to divert us into their own estate to build because they have seen the glory and the great destiny upon us just as Laban used Jacob to build his empire.

Jacob Flees from Esau

These wolves don’t have anything good to offer; they are not even interested in the growth of the sheep but all they are after is to take advantage of the sheep. But the Lord in His mercies delivered Jacob after twenty years.

Laban that appeared to be a friend and a father was eventually exposed; his true nature came to light! Though he appeared to have a form of godliness but he was an idol worshipper. He could run miles, not out of love for his daughters, but he ran miles to look for his idols! I thought he appeared at the beginning like a shepherd to Jacob but alas he was an idol worshipper.

O Lord, for all the sheep who have been held captive, who have been deceived by wolves in sheep’s clothing, Father please deliver them, let them see the true nature of these wolves, that they are just wolves who have entered into the body of Christ to steal, kill and destroy the royal seeds of Christ.

O Lord, please rescue our homes, restore love and peace to the many homes that the enemy has turned to heat generators so that your godly seeds can be preserved.

The wolves have entered into the vineyard of the Lord appearing to be sheep to deceive the gullible sheep. Some come as pastors or disciplers whose selfish interest is to steal the sheep.

Lord please open the eyes of your sheep and deliver them from the captive of the mighty.

“They are the kind who warm their way into homes and gain control over gullible women, who are loaded down with sins and are swayed by all kinds of evil desires.” – 2 Timothy 3:6

Dear parents, wives and husbands, please beware!!! .


Olubukola Oladiran is a wife, mother, homemaker, trained teacher and special educationist and a lover of God’s Word. She lives in Ibadan, Nigeria, together with her missionary husband. They have two children.


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