Don’t Give God What Cost You Nothing – He Needs Your Time


..But I will surely buy it of thee at a price: neither will I offer burnt offerings unto the LORD my God of that which doth cost me nothing( 2Sam. 24: 24 )

In the text today we saw David stating that he cannot afford to give God anything that cost nothing, same today we must be able to say like David in 2023 that God owns our time and he won’t just become miscellaneous in our plans, but rather becomes the centerpiece that we plan around. Today the greatest demand of God is our time, but the world has kept it loaded with several engagements. God keep looking for the affection of his sons and daughters, but they are reasonably busy with so much to accomplish in different aspects of life. While giving God an offering in form of sacrifice is good but beyond this, you must give God your time, He needs fellowship with you.

This year God needs your affection and fellowship much more than your money, he wants to build an everlasting relationship with you, will you allow Him? Yes you will be busy but there is always a time for what is a value to us, God is not expected to even be a priority, as He is not just number one in our plan but He is the plan. In the new year as you plan for everything remember that God should be a value in all of them, He should not be begging for what He gives to you. The greatest demand of the devil was to keep the Children of Israel so engaged that they don’t have time to serve God and the greatest demand of God on the Israelites was for them to serve God in the wilderness, that was the purpose of their creation. In this year you may achieve so much in everything but ensure God is the centerpiece of them all.

Why should the giver of time be begging for your time? Yes! You are busy but you will never have a time when you will not be busy, you cannot give God something that cost you nothing. You will never stop being busy, and your time will always be your greatest asset but remember God must occupy the center of your existence and everything about your life must revolve around Him.

Author : Seun Oloruntoba

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