Disciples’ Preparation Before Pentecost

Disciples’ Preparation Before Pentecost

Luke 24: 44-53; Acts 1:1-5, 8, 14.

There is a lot to learn from the preparation of the disciples of Christ before the mighty outpouring at Pentecost. Proper preparation usually brings about the expected and full utilization of any opportunity.

The Lord saw the need to properly prepare the disciples for the upcoming impartation of the Holy Ghost. The first thing He did after His resurrection was to spend quite a while with the disciples in fellowship to align them to the blueprints of God’s plan for them. The following are the preparatory steps toward getting the disciples ready for the outpouring:

Dispelling their doubts: John 20:24-29; Luke 24:37-41. An iota of unbelief is strong enough to prevent the works of God from coming into accomplishment in our life.

Opening the eyes of their mind: Luke 24:16, 31, 44, 45. Having a proper perception of the totality of the person of Christ is key to receiving the fullness of His presence in the Holy Spirit. There was a need for them to understand the things that were revealed to them and that is why the veil of religious dogmas, denominational principles, and mental wisdom had to be taken away- 2 Corinthians 3:14-16.

-Reinstatement to complete commitment: John 21:3, 4, 15. Peter together with the other disciples had returned to their previously forsaken jobs due to lack of hope, foresight, and perseverance. But Christ, in His mercy came to them to restore them to full commitment- John 21:19.

-Reiteration and affirmation of the promised provision: Luke 24:49a, John 14:16; 16:7. Christ needed to again remind them of the promised outpouring of the Holy Spirit on them. He needed them to raise their awareness thereby increasing their desire for the encounter.

-Necessity of tarrying: Luke 24:49; Acts 1; 4, 5, 8. The necessity of earnest and steadfast waiting on God for the promised outpouring cannot be overemphasized. Tarrying in the place and altar of prayer draws the heart of the believer away from every fleshly and worldly encumbrance and helps focus their attention on receiving the desired fullness.

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