Deeply Rooted

Deeply Rooted

“Having being deeply rooted [in Him] and now being continually built up in Him and [becoming increasingly more] established in your faith…” Col. 2:7 (AMP)

The Chinese bamboo is an interesting tree with a lot of quite amazing features, notably for this devotional is how long it could take to shoot out of the ground. When planted, it can take up to 5years or more in the ground without shooting out of the ground, all through its years in the ground, it goes deeply, finding a hold of the earth, seeking enough water and strength, if it takes 7years to get a hold, it will stay un-surfaced for 7years, but as soon as its root touches water, it sprouts!     

Amazingly, its height are always very significant and in less than few months, this un-surfaced tree could grow taller than all trees in the wild. What a lesson, such one that could drive home the word of God in Isaiah that “…they that wait upon the Lord… shall mount up with wings.”

Contrarily, today we are more concerned about what people see and pay less or no attention to touching what matters the most, a life that is yet to touch Christ in its fullness may not bother striving to touch other things, many today want to touch fame by being seen, ‘tall’ and be popular, but, not willing to learn a related lesson from the tree that could take years in search of real life- water.

We also must go deeply rooted in search of the true source of life; seeking, finding and panting after him, and we really need nothing else until his eyes we behold, just like the Chinese bamboo know how dangerous the wild can be, and doesn’t want to live by the dictates of the weather, thereby seeking to draw its water daily from below; similarly, we should also know how wild the world and the devil is to cause us to ere, and if we will also not live by the dictate of the world, we must wait until we have touched Christ in secret who is the Source, and draw strength daily from Him that our faith in Him may truly be established.

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