…continually to prayer…

…continually to prayer…

“We will give ourselves continually to prayer” (Acts vi. 4).

In the consecrated believer the Holy Spirit is per-eminently a Spirit of prayer. If our whole being is committed to Him, and our thoughts are at His bidding, He will occupy every moment in communion and we shall bring everything to Him as it comes, and pray it out in our spiritual consciousness before we act it out in our lives. We shall, therefore, find ourselves taking up the burdens of life and praying them out in a wordless prayer which we ourselves often cannot understand, but which is simply the unfolding of His thought and will within us, and which will be followed by the unfolding of His providence concerning us.

Want of faithfulness and obedience to the faintest whisper of His will will often hinder some blessing which He meant for us until after a while we may get so dull and negligent that He will not be able to trust us with His whispers and we shall thus stumble on in the darkness and miss His highest thoughts.

Lord, teach us to pray in the Spirit, to pray without ceasing and to lose nothing of Thy will.

Culled from Days of Heaven on Earth

Pray always pray;
the Holy Spirit pleads
Within thee all thy daily,
hourly needs.

Pray always pray;
beneath sin’s heaviest load
Prayer sees the blood
from Jesus’ side that flowed.

Pray always pray;
though weary faint, and lone,
Prayer nestles by
the Father’s shelt’ring throne.

Pray always pray;
amid the world’s turmoil
Prayer keeps the heart at rest,
and nerves for toil

Pray always pray;
if joys thy pathway throng,
Prayer strikes the harp,
and sings the angels’ song.

Pray always pray;
if loved ones pass the veil
Prayer drinks with them
of springs that cannot fail.

All earthly things
with earth shall fade away;
Prayer grasps eternity:
pray, always pray.

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