Continually To Prayer

Continually To Prayer

“We will give ourselves continually to prayer” (Acts 6 vs 4).

In the consecrated believer the Holy Spirit is pre-eminently a Spirit of prayer. If our whole being is committed to Him, and our thoughts are at His bidding, He will occupy every moment in communion and we shall bring every thing to Him as it comes, and pray it out in our spiritual consciousness before we act it out in our lives. We shall, therefore, find ourselves taking up the burdens of life and praying them out in a wordless prayer which we ourselves often cannot understand, but which is simply the unfolding of His thought and will within us, and which will be followed by the unfolding of His providence concerning us.

Want of faithfulness and obedience to the faintest whisper of His will will often hinder some blessing which He meant for us until after a while we may get so dull and negligent that He will not be able to trust us with His whispers and we shall thus stumble on in the darkness and miss His highest thoughts.

Lord, teach us to pray in the Spirit, to pray without ceasing and to lose nothing of Thy will.


Verse 1
The soul that would live close to Jesus,
Is He who spends much time in prayer.
Although it may not always please us,
‘Tis that which relieves us from care.

Would God that more people would pray,
For ’tis prayer that moves mountain away;
Those mountains of doubt are sure to move out,
If unceasingly, brother, you pray.

Verse 2
‘Twas Elijah that prayed on Mount Carmel,
And the heavens gave ear to his cry;
And I’m sure it was not very formal,
For fire came down from the sky.

Verse 3
We read that a prophet for praying
Was cast to the lions to eat;
But an angel prevented the slaying,
And delivered old Daniel complete.

Verse 4
The Saviour now looks for prevailers,
Who will pray with a confidence bold,
Will you join this band of availers
And pray till the heavens unfold?

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