Christian Conduct

Christian Conduct

For a Bishop must be blameless, as the steward of God…” (Titus 1:7)

The expectation of God – on Christians- as enunciated by Paul in his letter to Titus and Timothy is definite, it’s a blameless life. Paul wrote in quite explicit terms proclaiming that for anyone to be qualified to becoming a worker- a bishop, elder or minister of the gospel, such person must be living a blameless life, life above reproach.

Some expectations were submitted by Paul as reference for the standard for selecting workers; faithfulness in duty,on duty, and out of duty; not quick-tempered, humble; honest; gentle; not given to excess gain; trustworthy; experienced, but particularly, he emphasized a blameless life. Well, while I do not take Christian perfection for human perfection, for both are quite apart, Paul emphasized on living a blameless Christian life, a life fault could not be found.

We have in time past seen Christians justify why they need to engage in a fight with another man, respond harshly and curse another while defending themselves that they are human too, after-all. Well, Christ expect a blameless life, a life from within that effulges the beauty of God’s holiness and the richness of his nature. Our lives as Christian is supposed to be an attraction for others to seek Christ, our lives is supposed to advertise the inexplicable virtues of the godhead that attracts others to Jesus, through our comportment, wisdom, perseverance, love, humility, kindness, discipline, honesty and godliness, and not in anyway add a touch of the seed of bitterness to it, for a little gall spoils the liver’s taste.

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