As much as in me is I am ready

As much as in me is I am ready

“As much as in me is I am ready” (Rom. 1 vs. 15).

Be earnest. Intense earnestness, a whole heart for Christ, the passion sign of the cross, the enthusiasm of our whole being for our Master and humanity—this is what the Lord expects, this is what His cross deserves, this is what the world needs, this is what the age has a right to look for. Everything around us is intensely alive. Life is earnest, death is earnest, sin is earnest, men are earnest, business is earnest, knowledge is earnest, the age is earnest; God forgive us if we alone are trifling in the white heat of this crisis time. Oh, for the baptism of fire! Oh, for the living coal upon the burning lips of love! Oh, for men God-possessed and self-surrendered grasping God’s great idea and pressing forward “for the mark of the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus.”

All the world for Jesus My prayer shall be,

And my watchword ever, Himself for me.

All the world for Jesus, Lord, quickly come,

Bring Thy promised kingdom, And take us home.

Culled from Days of Heaven on Earth

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