Your Service Must Reveal Christ

For I determined not to know anything among you, save Jesus Christ, and him crucified. 1 Cor. 2: 2.

As we start the new year and in our quest to serve the Lord, we may be tempted to be overwhelmed with so many activities, duties, and expectations to the extent that we may lose out on the central kernel of our faith, which is to make Christkn; known, revealed, and glorified. In the scripture above, Paul stated emphatically his determination about knowing Christ and Him crucified as the main purpose of his daily pursuit and that nothing, no matter how acceptable, popular, or influential is worth counting as part of the kingdom’s gain and profit.

Today we need to review our daily service and dealings with God to be sure we have not lost Christ in the crowd. We must know that no matter the amount we spend in organizing a program if Christ is not revealed to men it is a wasted resource, irrespective of the technocrats that we may have invited to many of our meetings if Jesus is not the center of the revelations we may have just learned the philosophy of men and not Christ.

Today can we say like Paul that Christ and Him crucified is the only things that attract us to Christ, can we say in counting the kingdom gain and profit only what Christ has made in our life remains the only value that we count as an inheritance? May it not be that the only inheritance that we can count is our money, congregation, houses, and affluence, may Jesus and Him being revealed, known, and glorified be the sole purpose of our pursuit as we continue to serve in this year. May you not lose in the crowd this year in your quest to do so many activities, may you not lose the lord in the crowd, and may the Lord help you to hold on to eternal life.

Author :  Seun Oloruntoba 

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