A Dependable Battle-Axe

A Dependable Battle-Axe

The Lord is a man of war… thou art my battle-axe and weapons of war, for with thee will I break in pieces…” (Exo 15:3; Jer 51:20)

Usually, during military campaigns, the army often have some reserve battalion force that can make up a reinforcement in the event the war turns bad, this reinforcement troops are dispatch to support the main force to subdue the enemy force.

The opening scripture declares “The Lord is a man of war…”, and of all the instruments of war a warrior can possess, this Great Warrior said, “Thou art my battle-axe and weapons of war…”. First, imagine you being the weapon God has in today’s sin-soaked, fornication-ridden and immorally-imbued generation, and God is intending to put a stop to the rise of hell in the world through you- being his battle-axe. Will God achieve his goal, or fail?

The kingdom of our God on earth is on the defensive as the host of darkness have recruited many- both young and old- into their army, souls are perishing to hell and those still living are languishing away; the Lord beholds his weapon and saw you, if He sends you, are you dependable to break down the wall of sin and make men come to the cross, or is the Lord afraid to send you lest he lose you seeing you are not dependable for such task?

Many today are meant to be real battle-axe for the Lord, but they are so blunt an axe that can’t be used to hole a weak-tree lest fight an enemy, many who are meant to be dependable battle-axe have made the Man of war vulnerable as He knows they can’t be depended for as reinforcement to stem the tide of darkness.

The Lord is in search of men today who will be dependable as reinforcements; those men that can be dispatched at a moment’s notice to upend the sail of the fiend, those who are sharp battle-axe whose piercing power birthed of intense communion with their Lord are precise and deep against the enemy’s camp. God is in search of such men!

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